• Federal budget grants $1.8 billion to Alzheimer’s and dementia research

    on March 30th, 2018
    Congress has appropriated an additional $414 million for research into Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias – the full increase requested by the National Institutes of Health for fiscal year 2018. The boost brings the total AD funding available this year to $1.8 billion. Bolstered by the mand[...]
  • ciTBI uncommon in minor head injuries with isolated vomiting

    on March 28th, 2018
    FROM PEDIATRICS Clinically important traumatic brain injury (ciTBI) is uncommon in children with minor head injuries associated with isolated vomiting, said Meredith L. Borland, MD, of the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Perth, Australia, and her associates. Likewise, traumatic brain injury[...]
  • Frankincense extract may reduce disease activity in relapsing-remitting MS

    on March 27th, 2018
    FROM Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry A standardized frankincense extract was safe, well tolerated, and potentially efficacious as an oral treatment in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS), according to results of a small, nonrandomized study. Patients recei[...]
  • Office-based screen predicts dementia in Parkinson’s disease

    on March 25th, 2018
    FROM JAMA NEUROLOGY A simple, office-based screening tool was at least as effective as biomarker-based assessments in predicting which patients with Parkinson’s disease are likely to develop dementia in an international study. The eight-item scale “is a short and easily-administered office tool [...]
  • In utero exposure to valproate and other AEDs linked to low test scores

    on March 25th, 2018
    FROM THE JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY, NEUROSURGERY & PSYCHIATRY In utero exposure to some antiepileptic drugs was linked to decreased educational achievement at the age of 7 years, in results of a matched-case control study. Compared with controls, children exposed in the womb to sodium valproate alone[...]
  • Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s could save U.S. trillions over time

    on March 23rd, 2018
    Alzheimer’s disease may cost the United States alone more than $1.3 trillion by 2050, but early diagnosis could be one way to mitigate at least some of that increase, a special report released by the Alzheimer’s Association says. An improved clinical scenario, with 88% of patients diagnosed in t[...]
  • Siponimod trial ‘first’ to show delayed disability in secondary progressive MS

    on March 22nd, 2018
    FROM THE LANCET Phase 3 data with siponimod, Novartis’ investigational treatment for multiple sclerosis, show a 21% reduction in the time to disease progression versus placebo in patients with the secondary progressive subtype of the disease. A significantly lower percentage of patients with secon[...]
  • FDA approves subcutaneous immunoglobulin treatment for CIDP

    on March 20th, 2018
    The Food and Drug Administration has approved Hizentra as the first subcutaneously administered human immunoglobulin maintenance therapy for adults with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), according to a statement from its manufacturer, CSL Behring. Immune globulin subcutaneous[...]
  • MRI finds PML in some natalizumab-treated patients despite negative CSF, no symptoms

    on March 20th, 2018
    FROM JAMA NEUROLOGY Some multiple sclerosis patients who are treated with natalizumab can have small progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) lesions seen on MRI yet have undetectable JC virus DNA in their cerebrospinal fluid, a cross-sectional, retrospective study has revealed. The findings[...]
  • Early management of patients with acute ischemic stroke

    on March 19th, 2018
    Significant changes have occurred in the updated American Heart Association Stroke Council’s recommendations for early management of acute ischemic stroke (AIS). Conceptually, early management can be separated into initial triage and decisions about intervention to restore blood flow with thrombol[...]
  • Office staff cohesiveness remains important

    on March 15th, 2018
    Recently, a lawyer and I were on the phone about a case, and he mentioned how lucky he was to have had the same staff over the course of a 25-year career, and he was afraid they’d retire before he did. I feel the same way. My medical assistant has been with me since day […][...]
  • Variants in one gene account for 7% of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy cases

    on March 14th, 2018
    FROM NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE An extremely rare genetic variant that affects the maturation, migration, and death of neurons appears to be responsible for about 7% of cases of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. Variants of the intestinal-cell kinase gene (ICK) occurred in 12 members of a family aff[...]
  • Alcohol dependence may accelerate aging, frontal cortical deficits

    on March 14th, 2018
    FROM JAMA PSYCHIATRY Alcoholism compounds age-associated volume deficits in the frontal cortex, independent of the additional effects of drug dependence or hepatitis C infection, suggests new research published March 14 in JAMA Psychiatry. Edith V. Sullivan, PhD, and her coauthors reported the resul[...]
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