• Three Ways Healthcare Marketers Can Benefit from Programmatic

    Point/Counterpoint by on June 17th, 2017

    Finding people who suffer from certain acute conditions isn’t easy. Until recently, healthcare marketers had to cast a wide net through broad reach media to ensure they connected niche audiences with their message. Digital advertising changed the game by facilitating targeting of key audiences, but programmatic has taken this to the next level—empowering marketers to […]

  • From Brand-Safety to Bots: Three Big Programmatic Pitfalls

    Point/Counterpoint by on June 17th, 2017

    Programmatic ad-buying is surging. According to a new report by eMarketer, this year, four out of every five digital display dollars in the U.S. will be transacted programmatically. But the shift in ad sales has come at a cost. With programmatic transactions exploding, advertiser scrutiny of those investments has also—justifiably—grown in tandem. Unfortunately, their findings […]

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