• The Nurse Knows

    Marketing Insider by on November 19th, 2013

    Pharma industry personnel frequently speak of HCPs, presumably because there are more types of healthcare professionals than physicians. This is generally good. A lot of players are involved in the system. But in speaking with most marketers, when they expand the HCP description beyond physicians they seem to get all the way to Physician’s Assistants […]

  • RIP Business Strategy Orthodoxy—and Good Riddance!

    Marketing Insider by on September 18th, 2013

    Don’t look now but business strategy orthodoxy has taken a terrible hit. For years the mantra of every “strategic” consultancy and of MBA programs throughout the universe has been “sustainable competitive advantage.” Michael Porter’s ideas of the late ’60s took off like wildfire and almost obliterated every other thought about business strategy. Over the years, […]

  • What Does An “Orphan Drug” Designation Mean?

    In the 1990s, a visionary named Bill Aliski sparked an interest in rare diseases as he created a go-to-market approach that put Genzyme on the trajectory for its $20-plus billion acquisition by Sanofi in 2011. Bill figured out how to build a sustainable business with an enzyme replacement for Gaucher disease, a lysosomal storage disease […]

  • The Marketing Insider: The Need to Accept Uncertainty

    Market studies become more useful when it is acknowledged that they are flawed and cannot provide precise answers. Nobel laureate economist Ken Arrow told of his time during the Second World War when he was assigned to the Army weather bureau with the task of using math to build longterm weather forecasts. After about 2 […]

  • Lucky ’13 Will This Be a Big Year for Pharma?

    Feature Articles by on January 1st, 2013

    Our expert soothsayer looks into his pharmaceutical industry crystal ball and offers predictions on the most significant trends in marketing for the coming year. In looking over the 2013 prognostications of several experts in pharmaceutical marketing, I’ve concluded that, for the most part, these experts tend to make predictions that align very nicely with their […]

  • The Critical Union of Strategy and Price

    (Second of Two Parts) If you want to be on the CUSP of success, your pricing activities must be driven by a marketing strategy shaped by clear product objectives. Last month I wrote about strategy and integrity and how those concepts can best be defined to achieve marketing goals. Picking up on that theme, I […]

  • How To Define Strategy and Integrity in Pharma Marketing

    Marketing Insider by on September 2nd, 2012

    Without a map to determine your professional direction and a compass to achieve “completeness,” it will be difficult to reach your marketing goals. strat·e·gy noun A plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result in·teg·ri·ty noun The state of being whole, entire, or undiminished Strategy and integrity are […]

  • Pharma’s Biggest Pricing Challenge

    Many drugs can be used for several different indications, but when and how can you charge different prices? Here, our resident marketing expert offers some answers. The proper pricing of pharmaceuticals two or more indications can be treated with the same drug and with a similar dosing regimen, it is unprecedented for a firm to […]

  • The Immense Benefit of Copay Cards

    In the wake of the recent class action lawsuits charging that copay cards constitute illegal bribes by drug companies to patients, our expert makes the case for why the copay program is a win-win for healthcare in America. The May 2012 PM360 article “Insurer Suits Highlight Copay Assistance,” detailed the March class action suits brought […]

  • Off-Label or Off Course?

    Drug-makers are mostly prohibited from disseminating information on unapproved uses of approved products. Sometimes, the rules discourage manufacturers from even investigating these applications. This leads to inefficiencies in the market and, worse, can harm public health by slowing adoption of superior treatments. A veteran expert witness discusses the issues and shows how to thread this […]

  • It Depends on Where You Stand

    Market Watch by on December 1st, 2011

    In the film Beaches, CC Bloom, Bette Midler’s character, delivers the memorable line: “But enough about me, let’s talk about you… what do you think of me?” I have found in many discussions with brand teams that they view their market pretty much the same way CC viewed the world—unable to look past their brand. […]

  • The Five Most Common Marketing Mistakes of 2011

    In preparing this article, I asked several colleagues in the industry to provide nominations for what they thought were the biggest mistakes being made by pharmaceutical marketers today. I received more than 20 nominations, which broke out into two broad areas: traditional marketing activities and pricing/reimbursement activities. The traditional marketing activities (about two-thirds of the […]

  • Phase 3C – Market Approval and the Soft Launch

    For years we have followed the logical progression of products through clinical trials and into launch and commercialization. The approval of an NDA is also known as “marketing approval” and is usually followed quickly by launch—also known as commercialization. Launches are usually treated as an event, often signaled by a “launch meeting” in which we […]

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