Increase Adherence by 20% by Challenging Patients Beliefs

John Weinman, PhD, Head of Health Psychology at Atlantis Healthcare and Professor of Psychology at King’s College, London, has been studying adherence for the past 25 years and one thing he has learned: Everything pharma thinks they know about adherence is wrong. Pharma’s traditional line of thinking is that patients simply don’t know enough about the treatment or just forget to take the medication. In reality, there could be anywhere between 20 to 30 reasons why a patient is nonadherent—and those reasons are very personal to that patient. Professor Weinman has discovered a way to identify the factors affecting each patient and what can be done to change the patient’s behavior in order to influence adherence. In fact, he offers a case study of a program that was able to improve adherence by 20%—and keep patients at that improved rate even after the program ended.

Peter Saltonstall, President and CEO of the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) talks about their mission, the outreach to health care providers and their recent alliance with Frontline Medical Communications

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